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Robin Ross-Fleming

Creative Director

I'm a style-obsessed designer, hobbiest photographer, lifestyle journalista and beauty products and skin care addict. I've spent a lifetime in the beauty and fashion industry working with some amazing people and innovative brands. STYLE WITH ROBIN is a style report, my early bird info on emerging and new brands, unbiased beauty/skincare and fashion reviews, and a gathering place of like-minded women. STYLE is what inspires us all in health/fitness, beauty, fashion, decor, exotic spa destinations, anti-aging treatments and wellness practices.

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  • Balancing Act: My Hair At Work

    Balancing work and home life is important, so I multi-task to accomplish my goals for each. My most effective strategy is using my at-home office days to squeeze in self-care activities while getting ...

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    Balancing Act:  My Hair At Work
  • Cohorted Beauty Box

    I love subscription boxes as I find it's the very best way to try new products.  If I stand at a cosmetic counter I tend to buy the same brands and shades over and over again (you can see my lipgloss ...

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    Cohorted Beauty Box
  • Current Obsession: Tortoiseshell Sunnies & Nude Cosmetics

    I tend to have cycles of obsessions,  such as a month of green tea lattes in the afternoon or listening to Beautiful Trauma by Pink on endless repeat with my new headphones (available here) but my ...

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    Current Obsession:  Tortoiseshell Sunnies & Nude Cosmetics

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