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Robin Ross-Fleming

Creative Director

I'm a style-obsessed creative director, hobby photographer and lifestyle journalista, plus an addict for beauty products and skin care. STYLED is a style report, my early bird info on emerging and new brands, unbiased beauty/skincare and fashion reviews, travel blog, and curated experiences. A personally STYLED life is what inspires us all in health/fitness, beauty, fashion, decor, exotic spa destinations, anti-aging treatments and wellness practices.

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  • Dry Shampoo Styling Tips

    Hair is our crowning glory and I love a good hair day as much as anyone. So when I discovered I could stretch my hair style/blow out for 3-4 days, I was sold on dry shampoos. I've tried many different ...

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    Dry Shampoo Styling Tips
  • Sunday Coffee & Vogue

    There is nothing like a lazy Sunday morning spent lounging in bed, coupled with coffee and the latest Vogue magazine. I learned the hard way to take "down time" to recover from my work week, after ...

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    Sunday Coffee & Vogue
  • Fashion STYLED: Spring Transition

    So 2019 started off for me with work-related travel, jetting off  to several coastlines of the USA, all within 10 days, for two large production events -  and has not slowed down one minute since. ...

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    Fashion STYLED: Spring Transition

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